Monday, 26 October 2015

The Dudgeon by Julia Donaldson

The Jigsaw
What does the Dudgeon look like?

We started in our Home Teams.
We chose a part of the Dudgeon to draw.
We worked in our Expert Teams with others who had chosen the same part.
We went back to our Home Teams to put our Dudgeon together.

Photographer: Alex
What great imaginations we have. 

We Have Olé Soccer on a Tuesday.

Remember to wear good shoes for running, dribbling and kicking a soccer ball.
Michael and Joel are our coaches.

Thank you for Coming to our Artshow.

I love the Artshow. The Artshow was awesome. I saw the rocket ship.

Saturday, 17 October 2015

Breaking News

Today there were honey bees under our library.
A beekeeper came to see if he could help find them another home.

Friday, 16 October 2015

Welcome back

What did you do at school today?
It was such a busy week back.
Kauri Toru gave us a special surprise at Buddy Reading time. They shared big books they had made especially for us. They are clever authors and illustrators. THanK YoU
Shake Out N.Z. We practiced what to do in an earthquake. Check out Mr. Smith's blog-you can't see us, we were under the tables!
Then there was the Ukelele Concert. Fun songs...
Co-operative learning with the Jigsaw tool....
And finally our first go at learning to weave-come along to the Art Show to have a look at this and our other fabulous art.

Welcome Back to Term Four - Kizoa Video Maker