Saturday, 29 July 2017

'an' word family

We wrote words that rhyme with Dan.

Dan, the Flying Man

A maths problem....

Jessica and Bryden had a piece of fairy bread.
How could they cut it so they got the same amount?
 We talked about the problem with a buddy.
 Storm and Alice cut the bread this way, straight down the middle.
They got 2 pieces.
The two pieces were the same.
They got half of the bread each.
 Jessica and Kayla liked sprinkling the 100s and 1000s.
Can we cut the bread in half another way?
 Jasper and George cut the bread in half in a diagonal.
 What if we had to share the bread with 4 children?
Each child would get one quarter of the piece of bread!
 That Fairy Bread tasted yummy!

One Hundred Days of School

At the end of Term Two we celebrated having 100 straws in our Place Value pockets.
10 lots of ten straws makes 100 straws altogether.
We counted in tens to 100!
We forgot to get dressed before coming to school.
We shared out 100 jelly beans.
How many did you get?
We iced our biscuit and decorated it with Hundreds and Thousands.
PS. There were some jelly beans left over.
Mrs. Dacre took them home for Mr. Dacre.

Kaitiakitanga- we look after our insects.