Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Rata Entomologists

We are going to be learning about bugs.
We went into our Block buzz groups to talk about...
how we will keep ourselves and bugs safe while we find out about them.
These ideas will help us make a Code of Conduct.
(That's a bit like our class treaties!)
Bouncy Ben by Jasper
Bryden wrote a gigantic Bouncy Ben letter....b
How many could sit in the round part of Jackson's giant b?

Geoboard Challenges

Taniwha Mural

Sophie and Jasper went searching for their taniwha.
 It was hiding with the other Taniwha in our Block mural.
Do you like the feet and wings we added to complete Awarua?

Thursday, 23 March 2017

Guess where our caterpillars went.
The chrysalis are bright green and have tiny yellow dots. 
They are like an oval only fatter near the top.
We are wondering what will happen next...

Awarua o Porirua

Our taniwha art looks amazing...