Monday, 19 December 2016

We wish everyone a happy and safe Christmas and holiday season.

It was too wet on Wednesday morning to go the Lagoon but a special visitor arrived at school and handed out an icy treat. Thank you Santa. 

Tuesday, 13 December 2016

A letter all the way from France.

I sent a letter to the boss of Airbus in France.
Yesterday I got a letter back.
 I got a colouring in plane with red, yellow, blue and green pens.
I also got a bunch of fridge magnets.
In the letter Tom said, "I am glad you enjoyed flying on an Airbus A320."
Blog post by Cameron.

Special Visitors in Rata

Sylvia's mail lady found some baby hedgehogs.
Sylvia has been looking after them.
Can you guess what she has been feeding them?
Thank you for showing us Sylvia.
You know a lot about hedgehogs. We enjoyed all you shared.
PS. Sylvia feeds them boiled egg and cat food!

Monday, 5 December 2016

We have had so many people turning 6.

Happy Birthday Ian and Matilda.
Happy Birthday Cameron.
Happy Birthday Amelie.
On Friday Amelie worked at the craft table and showed us how to make an origami cat.
Thank you Amelie.

Posting a letter.

We wrote some letters to Santa.
We said something interesting and nice, we thanked Santa for our present from last year and then we asked for something for this Christmas. 
Finally we posted them.
We wonder when we will get a letter back?

New Astro Turf.

We have been watching the workers build our new astro turf play area.
Last week our new astro turf was officially opened for us to play on.
Can you see the red ribbon being cut?
Today we tried it out for ourselves.

We must be clever gardeners.

Look how much our bean seedlings have grown.
We have taken them home to plant in our gardens.
I wonder how we will stake our beans so they stand up?