Tuesday, 30 May 2017

School Assembly

We wrote about the assembly together:
Yesterday we shod our collarg rt at the asemble.
We knew how to write we  at  the     "snip snap."
We wrote lots of letters for the sounds we could hear in words.
We could read our story back. 
 Reid and Emily got a special certificate for "managing self."
 Olivia was welcomed to school by her big buddy Lily.
 George was welcomed to school by his big buddy Kelso.
Tate was welcomed to school by his big buddy O'hara.

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Friday, 19 May 2017

Glow worms

Our Super Star of the day, Harry, chose a book about glow worms for our afternoon story.

Changing Colour

Our Mealworm beetle has turned...
Each day it got a darker brown until it was black.
Kayla found another pupa and we are waiting for it to turn into a beetle too.

Fantastic shared writing...

We write the sounds we hear in words to write our stories.

Sunday, 14 May 2017

Excitement in Rata Rua on Thursday...

Kayla has been telling us about Mealworms. 
Two of our mealworms changed into a pupa.
We put them into another jar and this morning..
Read all about it from our fantastic writers:
"I saw a beetle." Kayla
"The beetle had wings." Reid
"I saw a beetle today. It had 6 legs." Jasper
'In the morning a mealworm turned into a beetle." Scarlett
"At school in the morning I looked at the beetle." Jackson
"At school we saw a mealworm. It turned into a beetle." Emily

Monday, 8 May 2017

Bug Visitors...

Look what Jasper found at lunch-time.
What do you know about Bumble Bees?
Is a Bumble Bee an insect?
How do you know?
Harry found this Native Bush Cockroach crawling inside our classroom.
Our book said they like to live in logs and under loose bark.
It is not a pest. The Maori word for cockroach is pāpata or papapa.
Is it an insect?
How do you know?

We are in training for our school Cross Country on Friday the 19th.

A Big Welcome to Tate and Olivia...

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

"Hello Little Bug"

Guess what Storm and Jackson found on the table one morning?
A bug.
They looked it up in a bug book and discovered it was ...a tree weta.
This is what we found out about the tree weta.
They live in...forests, orchards and gardens, especially in firewood sheds.
They hide in holes in trees in the day.
They come out at night.
They eat fresh leaves and some little insects.
The males rub their back legs against their body to make a noise.
They have ears...just below the knee of their front legs.
They can live for as long as...8years.
They get eaten by...birds, cats and rats.
There are 7 kinds of tree wēta that we know about in New Zealand.