Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Special visitors in Rata block

Today Junior brought police dag Ike to school.

Junior showed us the uniforms worn by policemen. 
Rhian is wearing normal body gear. He has a dog harness attached.
Kyla is wearing clothing from the Armed defenders squad. It was very heavy.
Bobby tried on clothing from the Special Tactics team.

Gabe and Harry showed how Ike was trained to grab a person if needed. 
Gabe wore arm cuffs so the dogs teeth wouldn't hurt him.
Ike is also taught how to track a scent so he can help to find people.

Ike can do whatever Junior asks him to. He can sit, stand and balance a rugby ball.
We got to pat Ike. It is great how police dogs can help policemen to do their job.

Well done drama group

We enjoyed your play. Thank you.

What a Gorgeous Bunch

Monday, 21 September 2015

Book Character Day

Cinderella dressed for the ball was busy in Rata Rua today.
So was a pirate, a soldier, Spidermen, Ironman, Messi, Buzzy Bee, Batman, Anna, Elsa, Billy Brown, a witch and another Cinderella.
The whole school went to the hall and everyone was dressed as a character from a book.
It was fun dancing and seeing all the costumes.
Then we listened and watched while Mary Kippenberger made us laugh with her funny stories.
Some children (and teachers) helped to act out some of the characters in the stories.
It was a great day.

Book Character Day on PhotoPeach

Where Have Rata Rua Gone? on PhotoPeach

Sunday, 20 September 2015

Special Visitors

Tessa and her dad brought some of their racing pigeons to school.
It was lots of fun and very interesting to learn about how they care for them.
The next day we looked at our photos from the visit.
We talked about them with a buddy and wrote in pairs.
Come to assembly on Thursday at 2o'clock to hear our stories.

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Friday, 18 September 2015


I won my soccer final. It was fun. I got the cup with Harry and Zoe and Asher and Sam and
Zia and Nadia. Mum is my coach.         Author: Alex

On Monday I won the last game of indoor soccer. It was fun. Me and Alex and Zoe won 
against 7 year olds. It was fun.         Author: Harry

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Enjoy our Awesome Writing...

The lambs came to school on Friday.
Author: Apirana

On Friday we got to pat the lambs and we got to see the lambs. We went outside Rata block to feed the pets.
Author: Charli

On Friday some visitors came to Papakowhai school and the lambs were called Lucy and Louie. I was excited. We got to feed the lambs milk. It was fun. The tail was banging up and down and I was happy. They were cute. They were very, very cute. I have lambs at my house. The lambs are called Lucy and Emily. They are very, very, very cute.
Author: Lucy

On Friday some visitors came to Rata. We fed the lambs.
Author: Zoe 

On Friday some lambs came to Papakowhai school.
Author: Karanveer

On Friday we got to pat Lucy and Louie. I got to have a photo and Mrs. Dacre took the photo.
Author: Issy.

Saturday, 12 September 2015

Special Visitors in Rata Block

On Friday Emma and Aaron bought two pet lambs to Rata.
They are helping to look after Louie and Lucy.
We got to pat them and some of us even fed them.
Thank you Emma and Aaron!

Louie and Lucy on PhotoPeach

Thursday, 10 September 2015

Counting big numbers of animals.

How can we make it easier to count a lot of animals?
We decided to put them into groups and skip count.

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Our photographer is Super Star Josh.

On Wednesday the big children paint our lunch wall. 
They work really hard and I like it.
Big people are painting a mural.

"It's great to be back teaching and learning with Rata Rua," said Mrs. Dacre.

We all chose some work we were proud of to show Mrs. Dacre.
What awesome writers.
What awesome handwriting.

We are proud of our work. on PhotoPeach