Saturday, 27 June 2015

Harold taught us about oxygen. The plants give us oxygen. I liked the caravan. Harold is a puppet. Kyla was holding a pretend brain.
Author: Ella 

We loved meeting Bec and Harold. Bec said, "lie down." We saw stars on the roof. We were amazed.
Author: Kyla

I noticed the brain is the boss and it was fun. We breathe oxygen.
Author: Ronin

I went to the caravan. They had a puppet. The puppet was called Harold. The brain never goes to sleep.
Author: Sophie

I went to the caravan. Kyla was the doctor. She held up a brain. At the end we danced to the music. It was a disco. It had coloured lights. There were stars and there was a shooting star. The brain is the boss of our body.   Author: Rebecca

We went to the classroom. We saw the giraffe. His name is Harold. The brain never stops working.
Author: Tessa

Thursday, 18 June 2015

After finding out how we get day and night some of us had questions about the solar system.

Viraj asked about the stars.

Meeting Harold.

What was this parked in the car park yesterday?
 Who was this marking out a safe place for us to walk?
 We soon found out.

 "Hello everyone, I'm Becs."
 Do you know how our body knows what to do?
 So this is Harold.
Doctor Kyla is holding a model of a very important part of our body...
Yes, the brain that is the boss of our body and always works for us.
Harold told us about the super six...
that our body needs to go and grow.

Today we found out about air to live.
We need oxygen made by plants and trees to send the nutrients around our body.
We breathe out carbon dioxide that the plants use and change into oxygen for us....

We made some repeating patterns...

Monday, 15 June 2015

Will is player of the day.


I got a trophy from the Ripper Rugby. I ran really fast. It was fun. We scored a try.
Story by Will.

Monday, 1 June 2015

The Moon in May. We notice...

We are doing moon logs to see what the moon looks like. I notice that the moon changes. We see the moon in the morning and in the night. I know the moon changes because the sun is shining on one part of the moon.

I notice about the moon, it is getting bigger at the end of the week.

I notice at the start it was getting little and at the end it will be big.

The moon is made of rock. It is really made of rock.

I notice the moon changes shape. It goes around. The moon goes around the earth.
I notice that the moon is getting smaller so we can't see the moon because the sun is not shining on the moon. The earth goes around the sun. The moon goes around the earth.

We notice that the moon is the moon. Earth orbits the sun.
I am on the moon. I notice that the moon is changing. The moon is getting very small.

I notice that the moon is half. Sometimes the moon is a crescent moon. Sometimes the moon is a full moon.
I am at the moon. The moon has a satellite orbiting the moon. There are lots of satellites in space. Sometimes the moon is a shape like a banana.

I went to the car and I saw the moon and it was a crescent. I was excited. Sometimes it changes shape.
I notice the moon is getting smaller then getting bigger. Sometimes it looks like a banana shape.