Saturday, 30 July 2016

"When I have a problem I s_ _ _ and t_ _ _ _," said Ernie.

Social Skill

We are talking and thinking about how we can solve problems.
At M.O.O.T Emily solved a problem with the straws.
A tall tower of straws had been built on the ground. How could we stand it up without it falling over.
"I know, put a bigger base on it," said Emily.
We tried it. Guess what? It worked. Great problem solving.

Matilda and Rahat wanted to add another layer to make the tower even taller.
What woud they have to make? How many straws would they need?
They looked, they saw, they counted and they made it.
Great problem solving.

Welcome Back

Wow! We shared some great 'snapshots' of our holiday this week.
We are publishing our stories so you can read all about them....

We are getting fast at the game Tahi, Rua, Toru. 
Some of us count our fingers to work out how many.
Some of us count on from the hand with the most fingers.
Some of us play it so much we just know without counting!

 4 and 2 is....
 5 plus 4 equals....
 3 + 5 is...
 3 and 3 equals....
 It's a double number!
 Five and three are... altogether.
3 plus 4 is...

Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Sharing on Friday

 Kayd made this awesome rocket.
 Cameron has another Hurricane's flag at home so he has given this one to Rata Rua.
THANK YOU Cameron.
Thank you for your letter Amelie.
We hope you have a nice holiday too!

Have a safe and happy holiday.
See you all next term!

Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Today we harvested our Kohlrabi plants.

We thought the Kohlrabi smelled like broccoli, turnip, cauliflower or onion.
When we took a bite it felt the same as eating cucumber or a carrot.
It was hard and crunchy. It was juicy.
Most of us thought it tasted delicious and yummy.

Monday, 4 July 2016


A brainstorm about what we have found out about 
The Maori New Year.
We hope you like our Matariki stars.

We can quickly say a word and spell it!

 One cat, two cats.
 Read the map. Please pass me the maps.
 Kayd has a pet dog. How many dogs do you have?
 An i has one dot. My top has lots of dots.
 Which word is the base word?
Plural is when.......
These two words are verbs.
 A verb tells us what someone is doing.

A Teddy Bear Problem to Solve

We chose different types of equipment to work it out.
Cody and Amelie used the zoo animals. 
What pattern can you see?
Matilda and Justin used the cubes.
Ian used the beads and thread. 
Great counting up your beads to find the answer Ian.
 Jenna used the teddy bears.
 Cameron and Emily used a pegboard.
How many presents has teddy had since he was born?
What if teddy was turning 6?
What if teddy was turning 10?


We have been exploring how many bags of ten beans we can make from teen numbers.
How many bags of ten can Harry make from 15 beans?
What is another way of writing 15?
How many beans did Emily have to start with?
What 2 numbers has Kora modelled?
How many beans does Cameron have altogether?
Is this a teen number?